View Full Version : Ghost towns/abandoned places within 6 or so hours of DC?

08-09-2015, 07:43 PM
Hi, I am hoping that someone can provide some recommendations to me. My daughter is taking AP Photography this year and needs to get some photos based on certain themes. She is thinking of doing something along the line of "abandoned places" for one of her themes. Is there anything within about a 6 hour drive of the Metro DC area (which is legal to access - I know some urban explorers need to trespass for access and I have no issue with that but I would rather not encourage that with a 17yo)? I am thinking of taking her to Union Level, VA for one of the locations. Eastern State Penitentiary is another possibility (we have been there several times but we would like to find somewhere new to us and not as commonly used) as well as Trans-Allegheny Asylum in Weston, WV which we have also been to. We would most likely do it on a weekend trip and I am willing to go anywhere in VA and MD as well as the eastern/northern areas of WV, most of NC and PA (in-laws live in Greencastle and we are up there almost every weekend). Both of our vehicles are 4WD so dirt/back roads are not an issue and both myself and my husband are used to driving long distances (it's not unusual for us to wake up and decide to drive to NC just to get lunch and go for a long drive). Anyways, thanks in advance for any ideas or recommendations.

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