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01-24-2016, 08:33 PM
Hey. I remember a story from some guy a while back and I've been trying to pinpoint the exact location he was at. Link to story: http://i.imgur.com/44XnsFo.jpg

After some exploring on Google Maps, I found a dirt road about 30 miles south of Wells like he described. It lead to the northern end of Spruce Mountain.

Description of Ghost Town/Mine Area:

Tree blocking road at entrance, road leads up a hill. Cabin at upper right end of area with well and mine nearby. There's also a big rock.

10-18-2016, 08:04 PM
"It is slightly north of the road of off highway 93 that goes into ruby valley"

Well Ruby Valley is southwest of highway 93 and the "road that goes into ruby valley" is highway 767 which is huge.

And the geographic area which is Ruby Valley is huge. And this place isn't near Wendover at all. Elko county is like 1/6th of the state or something.

So any place 30 miles south of Wells I don't think is right. And Spruce Mountain is way way east of that area.

Care to share a google maps link to the location you believe you've found? That story doesn't seem to add up at all!

And it's basically about how he encountered some FANTASY monster. Fantastical monsters/giant badgers (check out the pic lol) are not real and I don't believe his story is AT. ALL. Not even a little bit.

Also, regarding Ruby Valley...

Claims Summary

in Ruby Valley

64,081 Total
16,524 Active
47,557 Closed

Good bloody luck tracking down and verifying 50k abandoned mines in the desert!

Even if you could teleport directly to each one it would take years.

And on a final note... based on having spent a GREAT number of hours reading about abandoned places in the high desert... his statement that there was a cabin there is probably a lie flat-out. Nobody has mined from cabins since the turn of the last century and nothing from that era is left. Even stone wells built around that time have collapsed in on themselves almost all of them by then. SOME things are still left from the mid 40's or so. SOME VERY VERY FEW THINGS in very cold and try environments in just the right place will be left from the 10's or 20's.

Today you'd be lucky to find the road. Again we're now 20? 30? 40? years after the event the guy describes. Anything he saw then, if it is truly remote and undesirable, is gone now.