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04-30-2002, 06:57 AM
Originally posted by Johnnie

: As a researcher of the old west I thought I would share a little bit of history of the old ghost town of Eldoradoville.
: Just the other day someeone e-maild about this ghost town of Eldoradoville and wanted to find out more about it`s history and because I reside just about six miles from it`s location the way the "cow flys" I have aquired a lot of information about it`s history and other mining towns thoughout the San Gaberials moutains just norh/east of Los Angeles california.

: Discoverys of "gold" in the San Gaberials started way before the dicovery of gold in Sutterr Fort there is serveral articals in the local history books about the Native Americans and Spanish miners from the local San Gaberial Mission working the local gold mines as early as 1840s and has lasted till today, just latly found some good size nuggets on the "east" Fork near trhe location of whats left of Eldorodoville and as a collector of old paper Items I do come across a lot articals about this town along the "East Fork" and how it stimulated the economy for the whole area as reported in the local newspapers,in july i859 the town of Eldoradoville sprang up consisting of 3 stores boarding house a livery stable blacksmith and the name mentioned oftenas one of theleading miners in the canyon was Thomas Driver along with many other characters to many to list now , but after the Big flood it never regained it`s grand scale of it`s fomer self but still has a lot of history that I will post at a later date so watch the "bulliton Board" for more Inforation about this great lttle ghost town of Eldoradoville.