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05-06-2002, 04:29 AM
Originally posted by Johnnie

: Thanks for the compliment that someone gave me on my posting of the history the little ghost town of "Eldoradoville" here in California,

: In (the) posting dated may 5th it was mentioned that I did not list my sources of Information I guess I could list some, eventhough there is "research in progress" for a book that I plan to get into print in the near furture.

: Well most of the Information was from researching old local newspapers like the "Glendora Signal whitch originated back in the 1800s as did the Los Angeles Star "The Azusa Pomotropic" and the Azusa Herald and also writtings of my fathers who was a "geologist and a Explorer for the "National Geographic" a teacher and civil Engineer as was his good friend William Miller who wrote many articals geology and Gold Mining in the local San Gaberials Mountains surounding aera.

: So eventhough my father and professor Miller graduated from different Universitys they both shared the same intrest and also shared a lot information with each other whitch I have saved and are in my archives that do refer from time to time when I writing about the old west.

: Thanks again to the staff of this great "web-site" for the oppertunity to share this love for the old west.

: Thanks
: Johnnie