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07-26-2002, 05:05 AM
Originally posted by johnnie

: You ghost town "Buffs" that are so lucky that live in and around Montana and can check out the ghost towns in your great State of Montana I realy envey you, From what pictures I have seen in books a lot are still in tact and in good shape inspite of the harsh weather in the winter, so when I was looking over my collection of old maps and the ghost towns that were listed in 1889 and not listed on resent maps the one that stands out the most was the town of "Bear Town" in (Deer Lodge county) showed a population of 361 but is not listed on our web site, there is a Bear mouth in the same county that had a population of 52 which might have been the location of the mine itself and a Bear Creek but is in Carbon County with a population of around 50 I also found that alot of countys changed names or incorperated into other countys I counted 16 in 1889 and now has 56 countys now so it might make it hard to find any old ghost towns without more detailed local maps of that aera anyway I thought it might be interesting for you guys that live in that aera might poke around and do more research and try to find out more about this mystry town of "Bear Town" Is there anyting left of it? or what, and pass it on the rest of us "happy hunting".

: Johnnie