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09-25-2002, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by laurie

: Barstow- Calico Ghost Town could be on its way to becoming the state's official silver rush ghost town. First District Supervisor, Bill Postmus has said that he will start pursuing the silver rush designation sometime in January after the start of the state's next legislative session. "I'm going to be working with members of our San Bernardino County legislative delegation, so that we can find a member to carry this piece of legislation,"Postmus said. Calico, a former silver mining camp, has the opportunity to be the state's official silver rush ghost town now that the Northern California town of Bodie will be the state's official gold rush ghost town. "I feel that naming it as an official state silver rush ghost town would help separate Calico from other ghost towns in California and help us get more tourists and San Bernardino County residents to Calico,"Postmus said. "We've got a lot to offer there, and this is an opportunity for us to really showcase Calico." Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill Sept.5 that makes Bodie the official gold rush ghost town. The legislature passed the bill near the end of the session last month. An initial bill that would have designated Bodie as the state's official ghost town was defeated in the Senate in June because of opposition from Calico supporters. Don Tucker, a Calico spokesman, said he considers the amended bill a great compromise. "We're very pleased with the way the state is viewing this," he said. If Calico earns the official silver town recognition, Tucker said he thinks the state's endorsement would help the tourist attraction. "People pay attention to what the state of California says," he said. "We deserve the silver mining designation. It's important to us, because it's potentially grant money that could come. The stat will help promote the town."

10-14-2002, 04:16 PM
Originally posted by Dave

: I've been to Calico many times growing up... and even then it was just another version of Knott's Berry Farm.

: Yes, there are some interesting old buildings at Calico, but Calico is NO Bodie.

: I like Calico, but they should not get my tax dollars to support it's "Knott's Berry Farm II" tourist attraction.

: If it does get officially recognized, it would be a great waste of our legislator's time and our money.

: What's next - Knott's Berry Farm filing for "Official State Fake Ghost Town Attration"?!

: Dave