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01-03-1999, 09:58 PM
Originally posted by Connie Ness

: I have been looking for info about the Stemple Pass area, especially Fool Hen Gluch. We went there this past fall and saw a beautiful old mill just east of the pass. Up Fool Hen Road a few miles, we came to a few buildings still standing. A lady I asked directions of on Stemple Pass, told me there was water running out one the buildings. We didn't get out of the car, so really didn't explore, due to time constraints. I have a Forest Service map that lists a town of Gould, but I have found nothing about it.

: Another town I'm interested in is Blackfoot City, NE of Avon, MT. We drove on ranch roads, cattle grazing, etc. before we came to some falling down buildings. One of the buildings had a cold cellar, or least tht is what we thought it might be. The top was caving in, and you could see shelves lining each side. The entrance was attached to the side of a building. As We left, we took a short detour to a site that had a building that appeared to be an auto repair shop. Al least there were car parts inside and out. We walked over a small stream and found a water wheel which wasa hooked up to a battery system to make electricty. The water could be diverted by a flume, and wire ran over to a cabin that had been used in the last few years.
: The only info on Blackfoot City I have is it was an 1865 town.

: Any information that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thank You