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06-19-2003, 09:39 AM
Originally posted by Ryan Hill

: Hey there Ghost Town fans!
: Can anyone recomend some Ghost Towns in Ontario and Michigan that would make a worthwhile trip? Any info or directions to said Ghost Towns would be cool!

: This year I'll be leaving merry-old-England to visit Canada for the fourth time. Ontario is where I preffer to go as I have friends and family in Hamilton and London, but I've never taken into consideration visitng Ontario's many Ghosts. The idea of "Ghost Towning" only occured to me last year when visitng the wild west (e.g. Wyoming, Colorado, Montana ect.), and I came home with many excellent photos which I've shared with GhostTowns.com. I've also dedicated a web site of my own to Ghost Towns of Wyoming.

: Thanks!

: Ryan.