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09-11-2003, 08:43 AM
Originally posted by Linda

: Going to New Mexico for my first time in the beginning of Nov. It is a business related trip so I will have only a few days to look around. I would like to know if anyone has information/directions/accessibility to the ghost town known as Golden north of Albuquerque. Can it be drive to in a regular car? Is it on private property? Any information would be appreciated. I noticed on ghosttowns that there were several bldgs. still there. Would love to see at least one ghost town while I am there for just a few days Thanks for any help.

11-16-2010, 06:58 PM
I don't know when this was posted (haven't been on here for awhile) or if you've acquired any info. I can give you a little.

Golden is north of Cedar Crest on NM N. 14 (state route). It's easily accessible in a regular car. It's south of Madrid--also technically a ghost town but very much inhabited. Golden is not on private property, though some of its interesting buildings may be (not sure). The church (still used) is right on the highway. A number of old ruins are also easily visible from the highway. You can reach Golden by turning off I-40 on the Cedar Crest exit (east of Albuquerque). Another (more circuitous) way to reach it is to take the Waldo Canyon exit from I-25 (north of Albuquerque), which will take you to Cerillos (inhabited but quaint). Go south from there on N. 14, and you'll go through Madrid to Golden. A problem here: the Waldo Canyon road (which goes past old Waldo--of which little remains) is a bit bumpy. It might be accessible by passenger car, but I think it's a bit chancy. Another fascinating road in the area (and 4-wheel-drive is definitely a necessity for this one) is the road to Hagan. Take the exit to the Hollywood Casino (east of I-25), go straight through the parking lot, and keep going. As I say, it's a jeep road (partly because of the multiple arroyos it crosses--impassable even in a jeep in bad weather)--but Hagan is well worth seeing. And the other end of it will take you to N. 14. From there, you have another route to Golden. Just turn left on N. 14, and you'll soon reach Golden.

Hope this helps.