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11-12-2003, 07:34 AM
Originally posted by Yet Another Bob

: Howdy Gilda

: Sorry, Veteran's Day adventure to the Viola Mining District yesterday, Like Johnnie said, I know the area around Las Vegas well but I still need information? Everyone has a picture of a Ghost town in their minds eye and I suspect few seek the variety that fall within my concept. Some of my most favorite are locations where you have to work hard to find anything remaining. Obviously, towns like Rhyolite (Hour and half north of Vegas) are well known and reachable in a regular automobile. The other end of the spectrum include a logging camp in the sheep range where only one cabin remains and a day's hike is required plus a high clearance vehicle to get to the trail head. What do seek in a ghosttown? What form of transportation will you have? What is your range of travel, that is a couple hours, a day trip, an overnight trip? An overnight trip to Tonopah, bagging places Carrara. Rhyolite, and Goldfield on the way and visiting Shawn Hall's Mining Park in Tonopah, or a similar trip toward Pioche in Lincoln County. May gives us plenty of time to give you advice.

: Yet Another Bob