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01-30-1999, 10:34 AM
Originally posted by eric meyer

: i will be in southern utah this summer. (near ceader city) i would like
: any info. on any good out of the way ghost towns that
: require four wheel drive. any pic would help in picking
: one to visit. i will only have time for one.

02-10-1999, 11:04 PM
Originally posted by David Crockett

: Stateline Ghost town is a little-known minig community on the Nevada-Utah border about 80 miles west of Cedar City. It's appeal exists not only in the several buildings still standing and its one remaining resident, but also in the fact that even the locals seem to know nothing about it. There is evidence of attempts at bringing the establishment back to life in decades past which I found a bit distracting, but you'll still enjoy the trip. Take highway 56 west from Cedar City to Modena. Turn northwest at Modena toward Hamlin Valley and Modena Cemetery and follow the Hamlin Valley Road about 20 miles. You'll then turn west to Stateline Canyon. Enjoy the Aspen canyons and visit the pond. The road is rumored to continue through Stateline Canyon into eastern Nevada near Ursine. You'd definitely need 4wd. Another interesting way out of the area may east over the Indian Peaks mountain range. Get a good map and bring a fishing pole. Indian Peaks ponds offer decent fishing to those willing to make the trek. Others in southwestern Utah include Frisco and Newhouse west of Milford--easy to get to on your way west from Indian Peaks.