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03-13-1999, 06:05 PM
Originally posted by David A. Wright

: Query: Does anyone out there have any knowledge of a monument located in the northern White Mountains, just south of Montgomery Pass, Nevada, that was supposedly installed when the region was still part of Mexico?

: This newspaper article is found in the March 28, 1990 issue of the Inyo Register (Bishop, CA):

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: by Frank Madina, Special for the Inyo Register

: In the White Moutains is a monument that stands about 30 feet high. It is between two high peaks and from it you can see Montgomery Pass and the Pinto Mountains.

: I think the monument was put there when Mexico owned this land, Santa Anna [sic] was president of Mexico then.

: I think I am the only person who ever saw the rock. It's a beautiful sight, made out of stone and about 10 feet or so in diameter.

: This is how I happened on this mounument: In the 1930s, I was hunting deer and I ran into a big four-pointer mule deer. He saw me and ran around the high peak, following an old faded trail or a narrow road.

: I went around the peak and came face-to-face with the monument.

: I forgot about the deer -- this was the most beautiful rock I ever saw. In the center was a big flat rock and they carved, in Spanish, "Estados Unidos, Mexicanos." On the other side there is another rock and it is also carved, but reads, "United States of America."

: Who put it there, I don't know. Some day, someone else will find it, I hope.

: I came back to Bishop and asked many oldtimers about the monument and only one man told me he saw. This was when he was a cowboy driving cattle; he died many years ago and I don't remember his name.

: If you know anything about the monument, please let me know. [end of newspaper story]

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: Several years ago, a friend and I drove the road south from Montgomery Pass to about the 10,000 foot level of the northern White Mountains looking for this monument, and spent most of the day exploring the region. Past the point where we stopped, a locked gate blocks access to a communications site. Our investigation also included the ghost town of Buena Vista. We found plenty of evidence of Buena Vista, but nothing of this monument.

: It is of my opinion that any monument located here has nothing to do with a boundary between Mexico and the United States. When Mexico owned what is now the western portion of the United States, Mexico owned all of California, Nevada, and Utah. This monument, however, would be located about right on the Mount Diablo Meridian, used in all land surveys in early California. When the survey line was run, the boundary between California and what was then Utah Territory was virtually an unknown. It might also be a possibility that Captain John C. Fremont, an early explorer with the US Army, or one of his men, may have put this monument up, since he explored heavily in this region.

: Does anyone out there have any knowledge of this region or anything about the rumor of this monument?