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  1. Mining Claims for sale-Montana to New Mexico, California to North Dakota

    Its been a few years since we have been over to the forums, but Gold Rush Expeditions, (GRE, Inc) is still locating and selling mining claims across the western states. If you have any interest in...
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    Ed's Archives up on GRE

    Itís taken a while, but itís up. Edís Archives. This is the start of a collection of Images from Mr. Ed Gosling.
    Ed is scanning these individually and we are setting them up. These images range...
  3. Paria Ghost Town Road Closure RALLY - SAT, May 9th!!

    Dear GRE Members:

    So I was just contacted by the Kane County Commission regarding a closure that the BLM is planning.
    Iíve attached the pertinent documentation which tells most of the story, but...
  4. Area 52 (WSMR) - Drum Mountains - GRE, Inc

    A new batch of fun.. some older some newer
    Area 52, White Sands Abandoned Missle Range in 2009... awesome!! :D
    Drum Mountains - The north side in 2006
    Drum Mountains - The rest of the range in...
  5. its not the BLM

    By law, the BLM, nor any other agency can touch these items, nor collect them. If its over 50 years, or appears to be, it is considered an antiquity. Even in the closures the BLM and DOGM will leave...
  6. Theft of Antiquities in Dells Canyon - Utah

    So some of you might have seen this, but for those who havent...
    The ore bucket that has been hanging in Dells canyon for almost 65 years is now gone. Some a$$hole thought that it would look better...
  7. The Honeycomb Hills - Juab Co. GRE, Inc. 2009

    How we missed this until now, I dont know. On the western edge of the remote "West Desert" is a tiny blip on the map called "the Honeycomb Hills". Quite an amazing place actually. A hotbed of...
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    San Rafael Swell - Reclamation Study

    A study in 4 parts. The DOGM wants to erradicate every Uranium site in the Swell and the roads associated with them. We took a few days to hit all of the major areas from Calf Mesa to Temple...
  9. Death Canyon Mine Camp - Tooele, Utah 2008

    Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.
    Death Canyon as shot over the past year by GRE, Inc.

    you will have to register and/or log...
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    Eagle City is the only "town" that was there in...

    Eagle City is the only "town" that was there in the Henrys. Its gone now. And the mining district, named Bromide, after the Colorado district. Is completely inaccessible after some HUGE wash outs a...
  11. Dugway Range, Bullionville and Kellys Hole - 2009

    Lots of new sites uncovered, including the remnants of Bullionville. We had expert guide and mining historian Ed Gosling to show us around.
    New video on the galleries page....
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    what are you looking for in the land? an actual...

    what are you looking for in the land? an actual ranch. or just a good spread? There are a few old mining camps and patented sites that are available for sale, but I havent seen anything less than 7...
  13. Gold Rush Exped is back... with a vengance..

    So its been a while, but this forum has always been good to us and full of great people...that said...
    but a few thousand dollars later... the website is actually up and usable. All the pics cut...
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    War Eagle Mine.

    The guys from MojaveUnderground were out there recently (Feb??) and hit a few of the larger mines. there is a great write up on their site and a **** of a lot of pics. Good stuff and a good group!!...
  15. GRE, Inc.-Utah -New pics -Spor & Drum Mtns, Kane Cnty & Fox News piece

    New movies of explorations in the Spor Mountains, the Drum Range and the Aztec writings in Kane County.
    Also, if interested, the GRE piece on Montezumas Tunnels in...
  16. Mining district claims for sale on EBay

    Two claimsites in the Erikson district in Utah. 40 acres total. Lode claims.
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    Utah - Deep Creek Mining district

    Reflections, pics from 1977

    And then revisited this year on our annual Spring Safari...
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    Timpie Valley Ruins 07-08

    Lots of neat old remants:
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    Death Canyon, Utah

    Exploration -
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    bars are regular construction grade rebar....

    bars are regular construction grade rebar. nothing too bad. But some of the other mines around the area are quite a bit cooler... take the road from GHill toward Overland canyon and watch for...
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    Im in draper, but we are all over the state. We...

    Im in draper, but we are all over the state. We run a NPO that works on the preservation of Utah Mines and Ghost towns. the more you get into this you will see that pretty much everyone from the BLM...
  22. Utah Mine Camp and mine claims for sale on Ebay

    details in the item description. Not spamming here, it just seems I have seen a few post about people...
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    The closures are done, and there is still a ton...

    The closures are done, and there is still a ton to see and explore out there.
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    The mine you are looking at is only a shaft for...

    The mine you are looking at is only a shaft for removal of ore, it ties into the actual main mine at about the 425' level. You can get in and down with a little rope, just access the mine on the...
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    Repealed in 1976, for the most part... there are...

    Repealed in 1976, for the most part... there are still some lands... contact your blm.
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