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    Between Rawlins and Casper, WY the closest thing...

    Between Rawlins and Casper, WY the closest thing to a ghost town is the Sun Ranch. This is an historical site owned by the LDS chursch but full of history. Close by is
    Signature Rock with hundreds...
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    Nice layout depicted if you "Google" Rosa May of...

    Nice layout depicted if you "Google" Rosa May of Bodie, CA.
  3. History of Ghost Towns and Historical Sites........Locations somewhat distorted.

    Back in 2008 i was a bit dismayed at the information posted for Winton, Wyo. At that time I made such corrections as was needed but have been a little distraught at the listed locations of that and...
  4. Thread: Manhatten, NV

    by Capnmac

    Manhatten, NV

    Many years and lots of visitors have taken toll on Manhatten, NV but during a recent visit I struck "paydirt."
    My wife and I enjoy poking around old sites with our metal detectors. We are not...
  5. Update on So. Utah ghost town, Old Irontown, Iron Co.,

    I first visited Old Irontown in 1959 and found it to be a treasure trove of artifacts, abandond buildings, structures, and all those things one would expect to find. My wife and I revisited this...
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