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  1. Thnx old judge, now I know I am looking in the...

    Thnx old judge, now I know I am looking in the right direction, I sure wanna take a look, and I will leave nothing as my foothprints :)

  2. Miami

    Yes, Guy, I was in Miami before, that was 12 years ago and Andrew hit Miami just a few days before, and then I din't had a car so I did not much see then.
    Can you tell me if I am searging in the...
  3. thnx for thinking with me

    What a nice people here, it is fun to be here.
    Guy, we don't go down after Sa. but up to Charleston, so no Jacksonville for us.
    Our route will be rough? Atlanta, Louisville ,Savannah, Charleston...
  4. thnx

    thnx for the information.Old judge, I tried all that and got a lot of places were it should be.
    And Hamilton, do you know our route? hihi All the places you are talking about we are visiting, even...
  5. who knowes were I can finf the Ghosttown Jacksonboro, GA

    I really want to see a ghosttown, and we are on vacation in the us, ( we are from Europe, the Netherlands) in the month oct. I read about the Ghosttown Jacksonboro ( or borough) 24,5 miles of...
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