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  1. Thanks - I think you are right. I dragged...

    Thanks - I think you are right.
    I dragged Google's little camera-man to that intersection and one of the distinctive "ghost buildings" is there. Google's camera doesn't go further there and its a...
  2. Great pictures but no additional info on what part of town is abandoned.


    I followed your link - really great pictures.
    Now I want to find this section of town for sure.

    However, the text did not provide any clues as to what part
    of Vaughn is the boarded up...
  3. Can't find "ghost" section in Vaughn New Mexico

    Vaughn New Mexico is an active town but according to our website
    has a big boarded up section
    only directions in listing are
    go east on Cedar Street

    There is no Cedar Street but there is a...
  4. Can't find Copper Town Arizona, near 4 corners on NM border

    I have tried DeLorme software and Google Maps
    according to our website Copper Town
    is 2WD accessible
    in Apache County
    near NM border
    SE of 4 corners

    Anybody have any help, please ??
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