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    Bad Bob: I ment Baddest in a good way, not a bad...

    Bad Bob: I ment Baddest in a good way, not a bad way. BTW thanks for posting those pictures.
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    Sorry, I haven't been around for the past couple...

    Sorry, I haven't been around for the past couple of weeks. No I don't know the place, but it is obviously somewhere in the Southwest. The background is bare and flat, not much vegatation - - Mexican...
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    Bad Bob is the Baddest Bob around!

    Bad Bob is the Baddest Bob around!
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    You should have been able to get to it before the...

    You should have been able to get to it before the gates. The problem is, the canyon splits in two and you have to go up the right hand road. If you got as far as the petroglyphs then you went too...
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    Green River Wyo

    I thought the Bluff in back of the buildings looked familiar . . . This is a picture of Green River Wyoming circa 1930's before the road through town was paved. The picture is taken from just in...
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    The Government seems to be using a three pronged...

    The Government seems to be using a three pronged approach in the area of reclamation and the destruction of our precious mining heritage, which includes the destruction of ghost towns, the filling in...
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    Desert Springs

    Desert Springs, the old Stage Station on the Pioche route is actually in Utah, about two miles north of Modena. Quite a bit of information, some good, some fictional has been written about it....
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    The Basic List

    Thanks Bob for the detail and experience of what it is like to research some of the less well known ghosttowns and settlements. When it comes to many of the lesser known towns, information is hard to...
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    Utah Ghost Town and Mine Preservation Group


    You might also want to check out the Utah Ghost Town and Mine Preservation Group. at:
    They are working hard to prevent the destruction that has gone...
  10. Last of the Cache Ghosts

    Two other forgotten Ghosttowns in Cache county are worth mentioning. they are Porcupine City and Buster City. In the spring of 1892, after the excitement of the summer before at La Plata, prospectors...
  11. More Cache Co. Ghosts

    In addition to La Plata and Blacksmith Fork, there was also other mining activity in the area. In 1891 with the rush on to La Plata, which reported had 1,500 inhabitants in the fall of 1891, several...
  12. Cache Co., Utah Ghost Towns

    The mines up Blacksmith Fork created some excitment around the same time as the rush to La Plata in 1891 and 1892. After the discovery of Silver around La Plata prospectors started combing the...
  13. Northern Utah

    Hey Fitzy - what do you consider Northern Utah?? Salt Lake and North? Utah County? There are lots of Ghost Town sites, but I need to know what area you are looking at visiting.

    By the way, there...
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    Utah Ghost Town Book

    Hey, if anyone would help set up a website, I could start posting history and pics on some 344 confirmed ghost towns/ Mining Camps I have researched in Utah, along with about 19 others that I am...
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    Byron, Nevada

    A siding and railroad community on the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake RR, later the Union Pacific which was abandoned in 1949. Today, the name lives on in the Byron interchange on I-15.

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    From Shawn Halls Nevada Ghost Town site: ...

    From Shawn Halls Nevada Ghost Town site:

    Rich silver discoveries made in 1862 led to the quick formation of Dun Glen, with a population of 250. A number of mills were built and the town enjoyed...
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    Destruction of Historic buildings is illegal

    This is truely bad news ideed! What the state is doing is illegal!! It is one thing is securing the entrances to old mines to keep the courious from entering, but to wantenly destroy historic...
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    Shauntie and Shenedoah City, Utah

    Okay, I just came back from a day searching around in the Mountains west of Milford searching for the old towns of Shauntie, Shenendoah City, Elephant City, and South Camp. Later, once my pictures...
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    Whenever I have stopped by Ophir I have always...

    Whenever I have stopped by Ophir I have always stopped in at the store first and talked with the guy in there. He has always given good advice on who to see and what not to do while in town. They...
  20. Ghosts around Las Vegas

    If you are hunting for one day excursions from Vegas, there are many. There is a virtual cornicopia of places to visit a half dyas journey from Vegas. If I were you take your sister first to Gold...
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    The Rally

    Hey Rachel - - I live here in Utah Valley (PG) and will plan on coming to the rally on Sept. 25. I would like to help out if you need it. I have a wedding to take care of on the 18th, but that...
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    All of the above are good suggestions. In...

    All of the above are good suggestions. In researching ghost towns, you have to remember that records concerning the town may be scarce.

    Contemporary newspapers close to your ghost town may have...
  23. You may want to stop at Piedmont, near Evanston,...

    You may want to stop at Piedmont, near Evanston, Wyoming, it is just off the route to Yellowstone. It has some fantastic buildings and a row of charcoal kilns that are very photogenic.
  24. History of Ghosttowning Part 2

    Lambert Florin was a medical doctor living in Washington State. While it is not know for sure where Lambert formed his hobby of visiting ghost towns, he probably gained it from Nell Murbarger and...
  25. History of Ghosttowning

    Okay, I am going to try and tackle this one in one short posting. The history of ghosttowning is much more intricate than what I am presenting, with several contributing factors, but here goes with a...
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