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Thread: Two Prime 1 Acre Lots For Sale By Owner In Arlington AZ Just South of Buckeye!

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    I live in the Phoenix Are but my acres are located just south of Buckeye AZ in Arlington AZ.

    Post Two Prime 1 Acre Lots For Sale By Owner In Arlington AZ Just South of Buckeye!

    Hi Ghost Town!

    My name is Linda Rouseau and I am selling two prime one acre lots in Arlington AZ just south of Buckeye in Maricopa County. The parcels are zoned R-43. The parcel numbers are: 401-42-348 and 401-42-363. The subdivision is Phoenix Valley West 1.

    I am currently in a “none exclusive contract” with a small realtor. Through the realty company the asking price for my properties is $58,000 per acre. However if the buyer wishes to purchase through me I am willing to negotiate a “substantially lower” price within reason for a quick sale.

    Both parcels are flat and buildable and not in any flood plain. All the roads leading to the subdivision are paved. The streets are dirt roads, but easily accessible. There is a brand new elementary school just around the corner.

    There is a new home under construction right behind parcel #401-42-363 so utilities are now available because they can easily be extended over with very little cost. Parcel #401-42-348 is a corner lot, and has been officially measured less than a 1000' from utilities.

    Water in this subdivision, is brought in by pipe and is handle by Valencia Water Co. which is a private municipal franchise located in Buckeye AZ. There is no need to drill a well in this subdivision unless so desired.

    If you would like to get an idea of the quality of the new homes and development within the subdivision in Arlington AZ please click link below. Please call me if you have any questions about the properties. (480-430-4893)

    Thank You

    Linda Rouseau

    For Sale By Owner

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    What's sad is that I tried to go out to my 80 acres today and couldn't remember how to get there. I haven't been there in three years at least and my husband was always the one driving, not me, and I don't remember how to get anywhere unless I am actually the one driving. So, I made a three and a half hour drive for nothing. What a great Mother's Day.


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