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Thread: Historic Log Cabin/Property For Sale

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    Smile Am very interested in Log cabin please resond here or to e-mail thank you much

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Originally posted by The Johnsons
    Due to illness, we are looking for a special buyer who will appreciate our historic home in the Ozark hills of Arkansas.

    It is one of the two original log cabins built in an area that later became a limestone mining town that no longer exists (gone the way of other "ghost towns").

    The cabin was built over 100 years ago and still has the original hand-hewn logs well in place. The towering rock fireplace is built from rocks quarried from the property--but it does need some repair to make it usable.

    Situated on 10 acres which are heavily treed including lots of cedar. Timber can be farmed/sold once property has been paid for. Year-round creek is approx 50' from front of cabin with over 200' of embankment. Wildlife galore!

    Artifacts found all over the property (for instance, someone along the way used newspaper for wallpaper and we found a piece of an article describing rescue boats searching for Titanic survivors -- cool!).

    Located two miles in on county road from a major highway, close to the White River and all sorts of recreational opportunities. Historic cemeteries closeby and there is a very active historical society/museum in a nearby town.

    The cabin does need some TLC but is quite liveable -- in fact we were living in it as we worked to restore it to its original glory. Electric and phone are installed -- but you will eventual want to intall a septic system and a well. There is a public spring in the area and we were told by a "old timer" that there are springs on our property, but we did not have time/money to locate. There are NO code restrictions!

    Asking only $20,000 -- terms available. Refrigerator, rain barrel, some furniture included.

    If you are interested (or you have any questions), please email us.

    The Johnsons
    am interested in place please reply to my e-mail thank you

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    Smile log cabin for sale!!

    dear sir!
    wondering about your log cabin that ya have for sale?? is it still up for sale??
    if ya could send me some pictures of the cabin i would really appreciate it??
    thank -you!

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    Wink "historic Log Cabin"

    We have not seen a resonce from the owner of that "Historical Log Cabin" that was up for sale, Is it still for sale??? Maybe the cabin is to remote for us, and the road is to "bumpy" for our vechicle, to check out. What about your vechicle O J are you interested going down that "bumpy" road???

    J & S
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    Look at the original post date.


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    Default Arkansas Property

    HELLO, IS THIS PROPERTY STILL FOR SALE? we are very interested and have the money to purchase it. we would like to look the property over.
    thank you
    steve beard
    817- 994-4533

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    Hi, I was wondering if you could email me more info on your cabin. This is exactly what my husband and I have been looking for. Both of my children were born in Arkansas and are now grown, but we are looking for a special place to retire and fix up for the children and grandchildren to visit and explore. We love peaceful seclusion and nature. We live in Missouri now. Could you please send me any info concerning this property? Thanks, Davida

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    Default cabin for sale

    Very interested in cabin for sale in Arkansas. Is it still available? Do you have any photos? map? Thanks. T. Duffy

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    if you still have arkansas property im at ( ph.1-225-275-2193 what town is it close to and road, so i can bring it up on google. thanks george

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    Well if you have not sold yet would like to
    talk to you about it im just a old hillbilly thats been living in Vegas to long and need to get back on a hill top i have a acre in Putnam County Fla i would be will to trade if you want to go south my email is John.

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    Default Wanted

    Please e mail me with more info. I would like to know more about the terms etc, adn am telling you that I will live there the rest of my life as my grandmother Belle Starr did in the old west.

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