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    Default Henry Mountains

    Originally posted by Alan Gorton

    : anybody have some good information on ghost towns or sites in the Henry Mountains..........

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    Eagle City is the only "town" that was there in the Henrys. Its gone now. And the mining district, named Bromide, after the Colorado district. Is completely inaccessible after some HUGE wash outs a few years back. Also, there are 3 private mining companies up there that have effectively blocked off most all access into the site. If you want to hit some of the other mountains besides Mt. Ellen, there is a lot. but its all hikes, we've rolled two trucks out there and seen some of the most amazing sites in the western states. It is the last range in the lower 48 states to be explored, and that exploration was a very cursory examination.
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    Digging up old threads there rover?

    I've found the old site of the Wolverton Mill. There are a couple of old cabins nearby. There's a scattering of lumber where the mill used to sit and Aspens have taken over the area. Seems like there was an old cabin on the way up to Bromide. That was a rough road but the gate wasn't locked so I wandered in. The old school bus is at
    N38 04.454 W110 48.760
    (HDDD* MM.MMM WGS 84)

    I also had been by this area years earlier before the forest fire and had never seen it.

    Old car used as a mine winch. Green part is the old dashbaord.


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    What powered the winch? I don't see a motor of any sort.
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    The engine has either been taken or the project never was completed. The shaft next to the winch was collapsed and I'm not sure how far they went down. A few feet or a hundred feet??

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