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    Default User Titles

    In case you didnt already know, when you first register on this forum you get a generic title (couch potato ghost towner). As your post count increases, your title will change to.. well... lets just say better titles

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    Smile Gosh, I'm a newbie again

    I like the title and don't mind starting over again. I hope some of the other more faithful posters will have some comments.

    Hard to figure out where to type your message in the "reply to Thread" window. I seem to have a big window with a few smilies and a tiny window where I am typing. Don't seem to be able to resize any of these windows. I'm sure I'll make many spelling mistakes.
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    I didn't like the term Couch Potato at first, but perhaps I can relate to it more than others. When I'm staying in the Belshaw House at Cerro Gordo and it's below freezing and snow on the ground, I'm definitely a couch potato. I stay inside and sit onthe couch and read or watch the little tv we have in there.

    Of course as the weather warms up - I'm a ghost town adventurer!
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    I'm a couch potato here, a desert rat at another board (with members here). I guess that makes me a potato eating desert rat that has couch stuffing for dessert?
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