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    Default Ghosttown Cats & Dogs

    If you haven't met him, Skinny, the cat I am holding in the picture I use for my avatar, is one of several resident cats up at Cerro Gordo. When I stay up there he is my roommate, and he's also the subject of a little book I wrote that sells up in the general store/museum up there. The Cerro Gordo kitties, aren't the only animals that have a claim on a ghost town or mining camp.

    A recent visit to Rhyolite, and we had our pictures taken with two kittens up there. At Bodie, this past fall, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the resident cats, also.

    In my research on ghosttowns, I realize that dogs often played an important part in history. Calico and Rhyolite both have dog stories.

    I'm looking for more stories and pictures, past and present, of ghosttown dogs and cats. Anyone have any to share?
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    Default Great Dog Story

    In 1998 Texas Jess and I went to Tombstone!!! South of there, just north of the Mexico line is the Slaughter Ranch!!! Suffice it to say...there is a ranch dog there...the name escapes me at this moment!!!

    In 1999 we went there and thought nothing of the dogs absence until it resurfaced to our knowledge during a 2001 trip there!!!

    It appears the dog took a hiatus and crossed over into Mexico for a little vacation!!! The caretaker had given up hope and figured the dog died in the desert or was eaten by a coyote!!!

    That was until a fellow rancher who happened to see the dog over the border at another ranch on a trip recognized it!!!

    Well to make a long story short, word got back to the states and the caretakers of the Slaughter Ranch who brought the pooch back home!!!

    Great story and a darn friendly dog!!!

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