The Friends of Bodie are asking for help:

"Help the Wheatonbuilding!
This building is one of the last hotels still standing in Bodie, but it has some severe structural problems endangering its existence. In just the last year, the foundation and sub-floor of the
and Hollis building have begun to buckle and sink. Between the heavy snow during the winter and the wet conditions in the spring, the hotel will continue to destabilize. Eventually this will threaten the entire structure, making it unsafe for people to even walk around it, let alone peer into the windows.

The State of California has an expert stabilization crew that can do the work that is needed to save this building. However, the money needed just isn’t available. We need your help to raise $60,000.

This spring the State’s expert crew will attempt to shore up the sagging walls and brace the building, in hopes that no further damage will occur until real stabilization efforts can be made. The Friends of Bodie needs your help—there is no known source of money for either the emergency work or the long-term stabilization effort. This work needs to be done, and done soon!

The Friends of Bodie is a non-profit organization that has helped support Bodie for many years. They can collect money and see tha tit is used strictly for this stabilization.

If you choose to help, please BE SURE to put "W&H STABILIZATION" in the memo section of your check. In addition to the check note, you can attach a letter stating exactly what the money is to be used for. Please fee free to use this letter as a template.

If you wish, you can also make donations with your credit card online, which the Friends of Bodie will process and distinguish as funds for the Wheaton and Hollis project."

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