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Thread: Molson, WA. and Circle City,WA.

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    Yes, I recieved that, very interesting, and a good way to do things. We are all sensitives in our group. We do have one psychic, but she does not like to follow any protocols or procedures, so we're limiting her on our visits to PT. We're not trying to do a psychic free for all, as she likes to be center of attention. Thats not what its about, or what we want our group to appear as..

    We'll be doing the cemetery again sometime later this year. We visited it on our second visit, but by then, we were cold, wet and hungry, not to mention it was very dark up there. Captured a couple anomalies who let us know their still there.

    I have many pictures up from our visits, but I don't want them to be publically shown until after we've finished collecting all of our data, which will be sometime later this year. I will pm the link to you if you like, but you must promise to keep this to yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostdancer
    Correction here - Those photos were taken in August 2002 and not 2003; I was there again last year, but in July; didn't travel to that area though. I'm probably going to visit again next year in the summertime; at least that's what I want to do.

    I liked the view of the Pt. Gamble Buena Vista Cemetary; makes nice photos with the water in the background. Did you get my pm with the Globe article?


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    Here's a favorite location of mine; I stopped at Pt. Discovery on my return from Pt. Gamble and Dungeness to photograph this old mill. I was told at the cafe across the street that it is a frequent subject for photographers. Well, the setting is perfect for it.


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    Been awhile since I've been here. Molson and circle city are located near Oroville, WA. near the Canada border on hwy 97. It is a pretty good drive from Seattle but a nice weekend trip. A very nice area for exploring. I would like to find more info on the area myself. Keep up the good work. AJ

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