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    Default Pine Level Florida.

    I absolutely love this site. Since discovering it a few months back it has definately opened up new "week-end adventures" for the better half & myself. The town of Pine Level is located about 8 miles west of Arcadia. I visited there a few weeks back and have really become quite interested in its history. Quite colorful, former county seat, site of a famous trial, I'm sure it held quite a "cast of characters" in its heyday. Other than the info posted on its site here and basically the same info posted on the Desoto county history page I am having no luck in locating much else on the town (at least on the web). If anyone can lead me to more info I sure would appreciate it. I had no idea there were so many ghost towns in Florida. If anyone might want to get together some week-end and do some ghost town exploring drop me an e-mail. I'm located in Clearwater. Thanks all.

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    Wink Pine Level, FL

    James R. Warnke "Ghost Towns of Florida" Star Publishing Company in Boynton Beach has a pretty interesting history of Pine Level in his book. Actually there were two lives of Pine Level. One, the original site near the historical marker and another, closer to the railroad near the renovated schoolhouse. The book might be out of print but you find it on ebay occasionally.

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