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Thread: Domingo, Thorton, Wallace, New Mexico

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    Question Domingo, Thorton, Wallace, New Mexico

    Iam having considerable trouble developing the history of this town which is down now to may be a half dozen house if that many. Town still easily accessable and foundations of railroad structures still in evidence as is the burnt out remains of the trading post and abandoned railraod water plant and abandoned lumber mill. Town is located about a mile East of the Domingo Indian pueblo via paved road paralleling railroad.
    Wish I could find pictures of town in it's hay day! for book Iam working on
    Russell Crump
    Below is brief history developed so far:
    Domingo, Thorton, Wallace Sandovol County New Mexico

    Wallace was establishied as a station and terminal point in 1881, soon after extension of the railroad reached there. A.A. Robinson chief Engineer chose this location for the Division point due to heavy grades to the north of this point and easy grades to the south. A roundhouse, turntable, eating house and other terminal facilities were built.

    Between 2/28/1886 TT 21and 9/20/1886 TT 23 Division point was moved to Abuqurque and established there as part of A&Pshops Wallace faciliies abandoned.

    .Jan. 5, 1886 A.A. Robinson appointed 2nd Vice President , Manager and Chief Engineer Head quarters Topeka now again with responsibilities covering Wallac etc. Wallace terminal facilities rebuilt in stone and division point moved back to Wallace as this is were A.A. Robinson insisted that the Division point be located and engines changed.

    1/15/1889 Division Point Wallace restablished Suplement"C" Timetable No.32

    12/10/1890 Division Point changed to Albuquerque with timetable No. 39.Terminal Faciities at Wallace were used as rerap along the Galinas River and Division point moved to Albuquerque

    April 4, 1893 A. A. Robinson leaves Santa Fe to become President of NMC Ry in New Mexico. After Mr Robinsons departure the

    Name changed to Thornton (1896)

    Name changed to Domingo November 12, 1905

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    Default Wallace New Mexico

    I have some info, as the station supported shipments to & from Bland, NM. Also have some photos from 1920s and 1930s. Am also searching through the Santa Fe Splinters for Thornton or Wallace info.

    I am looking for the Wallace Watchman newspaper & any exact info pertaining to the people living there during the 1890s.

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    Smile that area interests me too...

    I have an old map with Thornton and have tried to find it on satellite maps -- the old road that connected it to Rosario, Waldo and Cerrillos ought to be there, you'd think, but I've not had luck with that. A town called Elota was south of there. It seems to just be farmland now.

    My map does not show a Domingo. I'm not sure what date my map was made, actually.
    Speaking of NM...

    I have been curious about Carpenter, NM. Shown as east of Alb...

    It's on that map and after doing some figuring, arrived at a latitude of 35.0767 (pretty solid)
    and a longitude of between -106.47060 West to -106.331600 East.
    I got on terraserver and working with "15 miles E of Alb," as Mr McWhorter reported, that's

    -106.37434, 35.07657

    at least from the positioning of my old map, which is certainly not a scientific one.

    that seems to be

    if you zoom out a bit, you'll see it's south of I-40, and the area has built up. i don't see any old foundations, though that clearing in the dead center has a faint, old path, and some interesting objects...but if this is the old site of Carpenter, there's nothing really left.

    to backtrack, my old map does NOT show Herrera. Herrera is at -107.09998, 35.20291 according to terraserver.

    47 km west of alb. I see nothing at all there. Too bad.


    My map shows much in this area that isn't here and not existing now. Donaciana, south of Santa Fe for example, and it does NOT show Carbondale, etc.

    I wish I had a time machine!

    Does anyone have photos or more info on these old NM places? Has anyone tried to scout the exact sites?

    I also have an old map that has proven fairly accurate showing a cemetery on the east side of the sandias, due south of Hagan. The ranch people in the area say the map is certainly wrong because they would have seen it at some point, but my money is still on the map.

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    Default Domingo/Thornton

    Esporter: Thornton appears clearly on the l895 U. S. Atlas Map of New Mexico beween Rosario and Elota. Assuming the earlier post is correct, and Thornton became Domingo, then Thornton/Domingo clearly appears on current maps, church and all, on the railroad track NW of Rosario. Check out Rosario on topozone, follow the tracks a few miles nw, then a few miles w, and voila, there's Domingo. Why Domingo is not listed as such on topozone or gnis is a puzzle to me. Maybe it's my overwhelming computer skills. OJ

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    Talking Cemetery at Wallace?

    A Sgt Warren H Mooers was reported killed Jul. 26, 1889 in Wallace NM and his order for a headstone from the US military says it was to be shipped to the cemetery in Wallace. I don't know of a cemetery in Domingo/Thornton/Wallace. He was reportedly a deputy sheriff. Any ideas, gurus of the old west? Should I just drive out there and kick around before the rattlesnakes de-hibernate? Thanks!

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