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Thread: Image of Potosi Mine, Clark County, Nevada?

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    Default Image of Potosi Mine, Clark County, Nevada?

    Howdy Folks: I have an image of my 2nd great grandfather and have been attempting to identify the specific location at which the photo was taken. In fact, I just returned from a 4-day trip to Cave Valley, Nevada and was disappointed in not being able to identify the image. HOWEVER, I came across some great luck yesterday in speaking to a great grand aunt who happens to have the same photo (96 years old, wow!). Her image has a caption "Potosi Mine" on the back.

    Is anyone familiar with the mine and able to either validate or invalidate this image as being taken at the Mine? Do you recognize the terrain or building features in the background? Please see attached image.

    Thank you! Chad.

    Chad Nichols
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    Default Looks like the Kingston Cutoff Road

    Hi Chad. Looks like the Kingston Cut-off road below Potosi Springs. A post carrier named Kingston in the late 1850s turned off the Mormon Road (Was the "Old" Spanish Trail between Cottonwood Spring (Now Blue Diamond) and Mountain Springs (Neat bar at the top of the hill on 160), went past the old ghost town (Yes Ghost town by 1857) of Potosi and out across the flat through the Mountains in California (Now Wilderness). They called it a cutoff because it missed Resting Springs, Tecopa and cutoff several miles on the Salt Lake/San Bernardino Mail Route. Today we call those the Kingston Mountains in his honor. My guess is that that is the noname mountain just west of Potosi Springs but I'd have to double check. Potosi was re-opened as the Las Vegas Silver Mines after Kingston created his cutoff, reworked agaon in the 1880-90s and off-and-on till the rumblings of the Great War (WWI). They mined a bunch of Zinc during the Great War (With the former Ghost town be re-occupied with over 500 people living at the springs, Just below the mine). The road I think the wagon is on is still there. My quess is it is a a couple miles south of Potosi, maybe a mile mile or so below a junction (Another road leaves the Kingston cutoff road and goes over toward Green Monstor Canyon. Several roads leave that road and go to little mining camps like Hussey, a trail to Mexican Springs, a neat canyon (With bats) behind Potosi Mine and all sorts of fun things to explore, but the Kingston Cut-off Road is rather boring after the Junction. Above the junction there are agave pits, interesting things (Although Potosi Springs is occupied Privite land) so some of the best places are off-limits(. Past that Junction, the road heads down an alluvial fan and finally intersects the road from Sandy Valley to Pahrump Valley just before the California State Line. The fact that they are running a team up that road toward Potosi suggests the photo was taken before the Railroad (1905) when Las Vegas eclipsed Sandy Valley (Then called Mesquite Valley) as the area Supply source.

    Chad, that is my backyard, I've laid out off-road motorcycle races and explored all of that area. Drop me an email if you ever around Vegas and I'll share more of the area history.
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    It appears to be facing east or slightly northeast. A photo that I took in 1999 is taken nearby.
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