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Thread: Mangum ghost town

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    Default Mangum ghost town

    I recently listed a site that I believe to be the old company town of Mangum near Aurora Nevada. I was noticing that there is a photo on the Aurora page here that lists Kiln Canyon as Mangum - however this is the not the site I believe it to be. Does anyone know more about this?

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    Default Magnum

    I believe Magnum was a company town that was built by the Aurora Consolidated Mining Co.It was built around the companys mill.I think it was built in the early1900's . It was located about a mile north of Aurora.I'am going off of memory so I'am not sure of when it was built.Also A modern mining company has been working up there so I dont know its condition,When I was there there were foundations left. Bryan

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    Here's what I have on Mangum (Wingfield)

    * It was supposedly established in 1912.
    * It never had a post office.
    * In my vaguest memory, I believe it was situated about 1,000 feet SSE of the old mill tailing pond and less than a mile NE of Aurora.
    * I'm pretty sure it was listed on the 1920 census as Wingfield. Not so sure if it was listed on the 1930 census at all.

    I haven't been down there since the late 70's so I have no clue as to what the area's like today.
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    Wink Mangum Ghost Town

    Mangum ghost town that you are reffering to is actually a secondary town named after W. Lester Mangum.

    The Story is:
    in 1905 J. S. Cain attempted to revitalize the esmeralda mining district that Aurora was founded for by purchasing 46 claims and establishing a 20-stamp mill near the almost completely abandoned Aurora townsite.
    once all the workers were established, area newspapers spread the word that Aurora was back ! Many people returned or migrated to Aurora during this stint and simply moved in to and re-opened business in the vacant buildings. The Post office was even re-opened. then in 1912, W. Lester Mangum bought out Cain and his 46 claims for $200,000. Mangum then partnered up with a Jesse Knight and three other silent partners. With Mangum as the General Manager, they built a 500-ton per day mill. and by the year 1914, the sound of ore crushing was once again heard. Knight, discusted with the fact that people were re-inhabiting the old buildings of aurora, established a new town North and East over the hill that he named "Mangum". In 1915 Goldfield Consolidated Mining Company bought out the Mangum-knight consortium and subed its newly purchased operation to Aurora Consolidated mines Run by a Reno Banker named George Wingfield. Another 633 thousand tons of ore was extracted before the nation went to war and the cost of labor became to high for the marginal profits. The project was closed down and the mill along with many buildings were dismantled and sent to another project in Goldfield. the towns of Mangum and Aurora were abandoned.

    I last visited in May of this year while attempting to explore the remains of a "China Camp" and the Homestead mine which are located North and West of 9-mile Ranch off Blm road 045.

    Hope this helps

    High Desert Drifter

    Info. Source = Aurora - Ghost City of the Dawn, By Robert E. Stewart.
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    Thanks guys - this info was helpfull. I spoke with Shawn Hall and he confirmed that the site I visited was, indeed, Mangum.

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