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Thread: Cabin, Mining Claim, Vacant Land

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    Default Cabin, Mining Claim, Vacant Land

    I am interested in a remote property. Preferably having a Cabin, but I would be open to a Mining Claim property, or just remote Land. 4x4 accesable only is fine by me! I am most interested in property in California or Nevada. But I will consider other states as well.

    It need not be in good condition. I would prefer a serious fixer cabin.
    It would be my dream to buy a Ghost town, but I don't think I could quite afford it at the moment.

    I would like to buy this property, but I might be willing to Lease or Rent such property.

    Please let me know what you have, and what you would like for it.


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    Default Cabin, mining claim, vacant land

    I have 5 acres in eastern Nevada foe sale. The property is located about 12 miles NE of McGill, in Duck Creek Valley, right at the foot of the Schellcreek Mtns. There are no structures on the land, but homes are being built in the area. If interested, I email pictures.

    Bill Crane
    Mountain Home, Idaho

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