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Thread: Safe, Missouri town

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    Default Safe, Missouri town

    Hi, I am new to this board. I am researching my family tree and would like to know if anyone here has any information about Safe, Missouri. There isn't much of anything left there except the old Stockyards now as far as I know. It is near Highgate, Mo. and St. James, Mo.
    I know some of my family did live there at one time. Some are buried in and near St. James. But I know very little about Safe, Mo. and would like to know more about it. Such who else lived there and what kind of town was it.

    Thank You

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    Post Hi,

    I am not from US,and i have never been there,but there some other link's,were you could find a Tree.
    just search whit your name,or Name's of the History of your Family.

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