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Thread: Lookout Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Company

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    Default Lookout Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Company

    I received a stock ledger dated from 1878, for "Lookout Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Company." It belonged to an aunt of mine who was 94 years old, who lived in Petaluma, CA. I know nothing about the company, and have been unable to find anything out about the company. My guess is the company was located on lookout mountain in California. There were several mines located there in the 1870s and 1880s. I was curious if anyone knew what the stock certificates looked like, or had a copy of one for sale. I am also curious if anyone knows what happened to the company. Thanks.

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    Default I hope this helps some with Lookout Consolidated

    I don't know if the 2 are related but did you think about exploring the option of Tn.? You know that there is a Lookout Mt. there and you can see several states from there tower. I do know for a fact that in the state of N.C. that there are still a few private gold mines that operate there. They are not talked about much. I have some family that live up there & i know about them. I hope that this might give you a bigger area to look into. I know i wasn't any help as far as knowing where the company was based out of but i hope that i was able to open the door some on a few other states to check out. Take care, Lou

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