If you have ever been to Aurora, Nevada just outside of Bodie, you may have visited the cemetery. In addition to the grave of Nevada Senator Boring, and gunfighter William Carder, there are the graves of the 6 children of Lizzie & Horace Marden. Four of the children died within a few days of each other. I recently found from a historian friend of mine that the cause of their deaths was diptheria.

Upon doing an internet search on Lizzie & Horace Marden I found out that they were the grandparents of Horace Marden Albright, the first superintendent of the Nationa Park system.
I did a little more searching on the internet on Horace Marden Albright, I found a picture of him with his maternal grandparents Horace & Lizzie Marden! http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online...images/i1.html
And a story referring to them

So the graves of the Marden children buried in Aurora, Nevada are the aunts and uncles of Horace Marden Albright!