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Thread: "Rawhide Nevada" and the the day everyone found something of "value"

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    Smile "Rawhide Nevada" and the the day everyone scoop up something of "value"

    Rawhide is a well known mining town in Nevada, And was named by Charles Holman, in 1903. He was a local rancher and prospector, And how he came up with this name he couldn't realy remember as the story goes, But gave many verisions one was that he nailed a steers tail to a old post that had a small wooded box attached to it and a sign that read drop the mail for the mine here, We are the new camp of "Rawhide"

    But he may have the idea for the name from the moutain Peak by the name Rawe Peak in Lyon County, or from the rawhide colored hills that are all around this area or maybe the naming of this mining town was thought of when he read a newspaper artical from Carson City that had a artical about R, S. Raw a Assistant Superintendent of the Sutro Tunnel Company. Take your pick.

    In 1907 some 10,000 people swarmed to this boomtown and it said that it had a main street that rivaled the (Barbary Coast) In California and had as many as 90 saloons that were open 24 hours, but did not get a post office till Oct. 11, 1907 but still stayed open till August 1941.

    Now here is where we "Rest of the story" on September 4, 1908 disaster struck, and this when the Grutt brothers, were working in mine shaft close to the main street of town when the brothers used an extra charge of dynamite by mistake and this blast sent chunks of rocks everwhere one of the rocks flew through the window of the drug store and carried the curtin accross a flame of a stove and that caught every building on main street on fire, and this is when "Everyone was told to "Help Themselves" to what ever they wanted because the store owerners could "not" save everthing all by themseves what the heck all the buildings were domed anyway.

    It was said that R. W, Thaler a con artist that had stores on main street even partispated in the free give-away, Thaler brag about only taking whiskey barrels and hidding them in a mine near by, and coving up the opening.

    Some seventeen years later Thaler, came back to recover the Yellowstone wiskey barrels, but could not locate them, And after a couple days he finally gave up the search, Now could these whiskey barrels of 1908 vintage still be hidden in this old mine near main street and would it be worth looking for now. this story was pass on to some relative years later from Thaler himself.

    We all know that others took more than just wiskey barrels like Thaler brag about. Some took clothes food, who knows what was on everybodys list, but we do know something for sure. That everything on main street was "free" and was there for taking.

    From the desk of Johnnie and Sheila
    Old west Researchers and Historians
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    Cool you de guys

    Johnnie, been lookin' at Rawhide for my next trip to Nevada (early spring next), and am so happy to see your post; you read our minds. Keep up the good work. OJ and Bride

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    Unhappy Rawhide is depressing now adays

    Sorry Old Judge, ain't much left of Rawhide since the last mining endeaver. Those that remember it 20 years ago are always depressed when they go now. Keep the stories coming Johnie.
    Yet Another Bob

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    Great storie, Johnnie! I wonder if whiskey would still be potable after all of these years? Such a shame that we are losing so many towns like Rawhide every year...

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