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Thread: Imhof, Nebraska

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    Default Imhof, Nebraska

    I'm trying to locate Imhof, Nebraska. It was a post office site (I believe) up to 1933 (?) near Thedford, Nebraska. Pictures and/or a map showing the site would be welcome in addition to directions.

    Paul Patzkowsky

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    Cool Imhof

    Paul: I've done a little divin' in the dark, and I'm comin' up with theories. How about sharin' what you know about Imhof, and the source of your info. Then I may be a little less reluctant to show my hand. Old Judge

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    Well said OJ - I myaelf hate to give out information to relatively unknown locations unless I have gained some confidence in the requester. I usually share such info via private messages rather than post in a public forum. Now, I know little about Nebraska but I do know how to check former RR sites, period maps, postal records and such. If a place had a post office, it is usually eaxy to find where it was. I've only failed three times in Nevada, or to look at it the other way, a success rate of about 99.7%.
    Yet Another Bob

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