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Thread: Gold mining reports, claims, and maps circa 1877 - 1940's

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    Default Gold mining reports, claims, and maps circa 1877 - 1940's

    I have a colllection of old gold mining maps, and reports on mining claims with the history of more than 300 claims, mineral assay reports, and locations. This collection also includes claims and topo maps, and origional retort blueprints. I also have some of the original mining stock certificates and some oil stock certificates. This collection also has with it some mining information books, newpapers, and clipping. This is the life long research and work of George F. Streitenberger. He was a mine examiner, also an assayer out of Colorado. His research work dated from 1877 to the 1940's. I am offering this collection for sale by private treaty. Please contact me at please note in subject 'Gold reports'

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    Cool old mining maps and reports

    very interested, need detailed list and price.


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    Default Mining collection

    Johnny: Sorry I have not gotten back with you right away. I appriciate your inquiry. There is so much information to be discribed that I don't know where to start. I find it overwhelming. If it is possible to contact me through the e-mail address I gave we could find another avenue to correspond, via phone or e-mail with photos.
    Thank you, Mark

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    Question ?

    iz any of this stuff still for sale?if it all together or can items be purchased seperately?

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