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Thread: Mizpah & Goldfield Hotels

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    Question Mizpah & Goldfield Hotels

    Anyone out there have any current info on the Mizpah and/or the Goldfield Hotel? If or when they might open or what the current plans are.

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    Default Five years later...

    I am replying to this post from so long ago, because it relates to both the Goldfield and Mizpah hotels. The Mizpah has been closed for several years now and it is for sale as of September 2010. It is in quite a bad state externally (and probably internally too) and I cannot imagine anyone purchasing it, but who knows.

    I have had a long history of interest in the Goldfield hotel and even exchanged a number of emails with "Shirley Porter" (psuedonym) author of Goldfield Hotel: But You Can't Leave, Shirley . I won't embellish on the other posts in this forum as there is no need, and the real live expert on the hotel is Virginia Ridgeway... too bad she does not post here. On a recent trip to the town I did take some night shots of the hotel, and one day shot of the current state of the High School as of September 1st 2010. Name:  high school.jpg
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    Thanks for the pics...........Speedy

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    wow, interior pictures! Did you take them through the window?

    It looks like light fixtures are missing, but I'm surprised to see so many of the original furnishings remaining! Usually these places are gutted on the inside. Man.

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    Default Inside the Goldfield Hotel

    Quote Originally Posted by Tsarevna View Post
    wow, interior pictures! Did you take them through the window?

    It looks like light fixtures are missing, but I'm surprised to see so many of the original furnishings remaining! Usually these places are gutted on the inside. Man.
    Yes I just held the camera against the window and... presto! I may be wrong but I believe some of the fixtures - like the leather seats seen in the pic - were reproductions from the early 1990's (?) when the most ambitious attempt was undertaken to restore the hotel. I do recall that many of the wooden fixtures seen are original, according to Virginia Ridgeway.

    Shirley Porter (not her real last name) and her friend did a lot of damage to the hotel during the 1980's, some of which afflicts the hotel to this day, when an artesian spring occasionally floods the basement due to the misguided removal of a flood barrier. As an aside to interested readers, in a series of lengthy emails written to me some years ago (because of a Hotel website I once maintained) Shirley defended many of her actions to me, which you can read about in her book, if interested. Out of courtesy I will keep quiet wrt to my own opinions.

    But Shirley was not the true villain in the demise of the hotel since the 1960's, when it was still reasonably intact. The major damage to the Hotel involved alleged theft by a caretaker in the 1970's, and was allegedly perpetrated on behalf of a former owner (who will go unnamed) who had undertaken a trust with his 'investors' to keep the Hotel intact.

    The owner before Shirley had a caretaker who allegedly traded most of the Hotel's more precious items to local call girls for their favors, while the most valuable items were sold on behalf of the former owner via the same channel, when he had pledged to keep the Hotel intact for his 'investors'. Yes, graft and corruption is not a new invention by TARP bankers. Since the Hotel only developed a serious cult interest in later years, nothing was ever done about the earlier owner's (pre-Shirley) prima facie violation of trust in selling brass beds, genuine period furniture, etc when he was supposed to be protecting those items.

    The above narrative was reliably compiled from several impartial but inside sources who had good reason to know. Some of the financial dealings of the time can be verified by the rare "Goldfield Hotel Company" share notes which rarely surface on ebay. The fake spitoons, lanterns and bedwarmers were variously from the 1970's and 80's contracted by Shirley and others to fund a hotel restoration which failed later on. Ironically, when enough time has elapsed the fakes will probably develop their own intrinsic value.

    I have documented my own involvement with the Hotel elsewhere on this website so will not repeat it here, except to say that the great Pastor Tom Bailey who loved the Hotel and wanted to restore it - and had the means to do so including a plan to use the upper floors for a progressive Christian College - Bailey tragically passed away some years ago. The pictures below were taken by me on a Hotel tour with one of the ministries' chief architects in early 2002? or 2003.

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