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Thread: ore cars needed for working mine in CA

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    Default ore cars needed for working mine in CA

    Looking for ore cars to use in a reopened mine in Northern CA. Please let me know if you have any for sale, $, pics, etc.


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    Not sure I understand your request. The least I would have expected would be the track gauge and if you need side dump or front dump. There are several companies that build and sell modern mining ore cars. The prices start at about $1,500 for a standard 18" gauge hand push front dump. At least they did about a year ago, but since the cost of steel has jumped since China closed their number one steel producer for pollution problems. Since steel has gone up 50% around here, ore car costs may have nudged up a bit as well. Of course, if you need an ore car that you can pull (burro or small engine) then adding draw bars (burro) or couplers increase the costs. If you need more than one car, figure bumpers or if you have larger gauge rail then the costs increase quickly. I’d stay away from old stuff unless you can find a really good deal on several of the same model. The cost of maintaining and refurbishing older ore cars often exceeds the cost of buying new and people think they have a “antique” and want more than the old crap is worth. . If it is a working mine, contact your mining supplier, they can quickly get you quotes
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