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Thread: Military Bases As Ghost Towns?

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    Old WW2 training bases are special places... Most of these guys are long gone... I can only imagine my dad, guy in the middle pf the photo who was an instructor pilot during the war, shown here with his Army Air Corp cadets... I believe these pilots are simply off on another flying adventure but still make "touch and goes" at the old bases they lived at... Each time I visit an airfield these guys trained at, I see the old WW2 hangers that are left, and I think of the mechanics who worked here maintaining the airplanes... the young men who flew them and I thionk of the new recruits who woke up to ther first morning of indoctrination... So for me, these in essence are "Special Ghost Towns"... communities that once existed where uncommon people once lived and laughed and learned... Maybe these old bases don't date back to the late 1800s, but wow, the events and things that once went on here... never to be duplicated again.
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    Default Fort Slocum: David Island, NY

    From what I hear, Fort Slocum, which is situated on David Island at the western end of Long Island Sound, still stands and is completely abandoned, although some buildings were destroyed by a fire in the late 70's/early 80's. There is some interesting and thorough information on the fort's history at:

    There is also a ton of interesting info on other NYC relics at:

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    Hey bcush, that "forgotten NYC" site is fantastic. Thanks for the tip!
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    I actually live near GAFB and have been there! ^_^ Some of it is still used, not the hospital though. And security does not like visitors. lol

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    I don't know even though the word "town" can be a contention, I still think old military bases would classify as ghost towns. People lived on them, they had most of the same properties as a true town only they were a military base.

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    Old forts are listed on with no problem or issue.

    Mining towns in Florida were connected with the phosphate industry and had company towns, very similar to military bases. When the mine was played out the houses were sold, moved, or demolished.

    Turpentine and lumbermill towns faced the same fate as being demolished when the company moved.

    When a military base also held a community, like Fort Dade on Egmont Key, and the base closes the community becomes abandoned.

    I have no problem listing an abandoned military base community as ghost town a ghost town.

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