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Thread: British Columbia abandoned towns/Canneries

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    Default EDITED: British Columbia abandoned towns/Canneries

    Found a site with some great pictures
    of some abondoned sites.

    * Not all of the places are abandoned

    These are direct links to the abandoned towns and canneries.

    Lookup a map of the area here:
    Abandoned sites are in the database.

    Butedale (Cannery)

    Details about Butedale

    * Butedale has a public dock for mooring (Red rail)


    Anyox archive pictures

    Belmont Gold Mine

    Dean Channel

    Lowe Inlet

    * Not a ghost town but has lots of Native rock carvings


    Ocean Falls

    * People still live in Ocean falls but it's pretty quiet
    since the mill shutdown.

    Skeena River

    * Lots of old abandoned canneries along this river
    near Prince Rupert.

    Swanson Bay

    Wadhams Cannery

    Columbia Cove

    I'll add more later.....

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