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Thread: Need Help With GPS Coordinates.

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    Default Need Help With GPS Coordinates.

    To anyone who is familiar with the Ghost towns in Nevada I could use your help. I am planning a 2 week adventure documentary and have been unable to locate Longitudes and Latitudes of certain towns in Nevada. Here is a list. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Tokop, NV (Esmeralda County)
    Stateline, NV (Esmeralda County)
    Marietta, NV (Mineral County)
    Candelaria, NV (Mineral County)
    Broken Hills, NV (Mineral County)
    Quartz Mountain, NV (Nye County)
    Downeyville, NV (Nye County)
    Grantsville, NV (Nye County)
    Goldyke, NV (Nye County)
    Athens, NV ( Nye County)
    Orizaba, NV ( Nye County)
    Liberty, NV ( Nye County)
    Ray, NV (Nye County)
    Jefferson, NV (Nye County)
    Round Mountain, NV (Nye County)
    Belmont Mill, NV (White Pine COunty)
    Hamilton, NV (White Pine County)
    Eberhardt, NV (White Pine County)
    Hunter, NV (WHite Pine County)
    Cherry Creek, NV (White Pine County)
    Egan Canyon, NV ( White Pine County)
    Butte Station, NV (WHite Pine County)
    Mountain Spring, NV (White Pine COunty)
    Warm Springs, NV (Nye COunty)

    Again any info on the location of these places would be greatly appreciated and would also warrent a credit in our documentary. We understand if you don't wish to post them on the website. Feel free to email info direct to my email Thanks again to whoever can help.

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    Default Please Help

    I see people viewing my post but not replying. Please somebody help. I know some of you have info or know where I can get info.

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    Default A Little Patience

    Sorry, I have all of em at home, most with verified coordinates (Not GNIS derived) but it will be the weekend before I can respond with them. BTW: USGS GNIS should get you in the ballpark (1/4 mile). Think Tokop is off a bit off but if you bother to go there, check Gold Point, Oriental, Stateline, etc,. Active mining at Candelaria means there ainít much but the signs off US-95 will take you there just as there are signs to Hamilton and Belmont Mill off of US-50. Signs to Cherry Creek (Egan Canyon is just up the road) off US-83 and Warm Springs (Intersection of the Extraterrestrial Highway and US-6 and Marietta are on any Nevada Road Map since 1935. Warm Springs is private land owned by the rancher at the Twin Springs Ranch. There are several other sites nearby worth a gander including Bellehelen and Eden Creek and old and new reveille. The original Round Mountain is owned by the Round Mountain Mine and little remains of original townsite. Again, lots to see in Smoky Valley but Round Mountain isnít a real hot spot. Ainít been up around Downeyville since the big fire so canít give you a rundown there. On the places up there. There are three Quartz Mountains in Nye County but two are on restricted land (NTS and USAF) and the thirds is on most any map. Find Jefferson Canyon in Smoky Vally and you can find what is left of Jefferson. The more I think about it, these are easy, just type them in to a search at
    Some like Ray need a good vehicle and some skill, kinda think you will pass if you shotgun a request like this without doing any preliminary homework. Just stop by the Mining Park in Tonopah and buy Shawn Hallís books on White Pine and Nye Counties and you can have spelled out directions to most. He hasnít finished his book on Esmeralda and Mineral or youíd about have them all..
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    Bob has taken good care of you. That GNIS site is a goldmine. Some of your locations are also listed at, and you get a map as well. And yes, have patience. By the way, its not much help finding these places, but it is interesting to see them located on a map. Google "U.S. Atlas l895" and check it out some of them on the county maps. OJ
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    Nevada has been very good about logging these gps coordinates by county on web sites. it is on pdf and you only need to go down the list and locate the name of the site. it also provides the nearest town - mountain range and of course the gps. I will check for it when I get home and forward the site to you.

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