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Thread: Ghosts in Ghost Town Pics

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    Question Ghosts in Ghost Town Pics

    Perhaps this is a silly thing to ask, but does anyone have any pictures (or know of a source) which have pics of ghost sitings in ghost towns. I'm a life long lover of ghost towns, the romance of bygone days I suppose, and have also always believed (and wanted to experience first-hand) ghosts. As I was reading along today I wondered if there have ever been any recorded sightings of ghosts in ghost towns.


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    Default Everyone else seems to think that they are ghosts...

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    Default Ghosts in ghost towns

    Here's my own ghost picture (a vortex, notice it looks a lot like a spine, and I've been told skeletal apparitions like this are very rare and very evil) taken in the ghost town of Standardville, Utah two or three years ago. Personally I've never believed orbs to be anything more than dust, but mists, streaks and balls of light and vortices are intriguing and could very well be some sort of energy or spirit.

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    Question Do you believe

    Well the timing is great for this thread. For my birthday (last weekend) my daughter arranged a dinner and a nighttime tour of haunted places in AltonIllinois. I was headed to St Louis on a business trip so I left early to spend the weekend with my daughter. I sort of wish I had been better prepared. I am sitting here this morning reviewing the photos I took. I did not get anything as neat as the picture you show but I did get lots of orbs etc. The most interesting photos I saw from the people on the tour were 2 different shots from 2 different cameras. In one of the photos you can clearly see a figure standing in a door way looking toward the camera. The figure is leaning into the doorway from the right side of the frame. The second picture was taken moments after by another person and the figure is leaning into the doorway from the left side. At the end of the tour everyone sat around comparing pictures. These 2 were the best.

    Do I believe – still skeptic but I am going out today to buy some copper tubing to make my own dowsing rods. I could not believe the activity we got with these rods in some of the locations we visited.

    Guess I will go back over my 15,000 photos of ghost towns and see what I overlooked.
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    Default Max Barnett

    Check out the "Today's treasure tale" section at It is the tale of the day (11/21/05). Hope you read this in time.

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    Check out this link for a ghost that showed up in Bodie over the summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cecile
    Check out this link for a ghost that showed up in Bodie over the summer.
    Is that who I think it is???? hehe


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    Look closely, you'll see plenty of ghosts in these photos taken at Rhyolite, Nevada:

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    I forget the guys name, but there was a guy selling pics like those here at a craft fair. Some photographer guy. Had some cool ones.

    I'm still trying to find the story I have about the ghost woman of Rhyolite. Hopefully I'll find before my 4X club gets there next month

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