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    Henry Chenoweth has to be the most prolific writer of entries on this website's list of ghost towns. To that end, this is a great service. However, I recently returned from a trip that focused on ghost town hunting in Idaho and the Black Hills of South Dakota. I initially used Henry's entries as a guide as to which towns would be worth visiting. I also picked up a number of ghost town books as further research before embarking. This is where I discovered a troubling trend. Two books, Black Hills Ghost Towns (Parker/Lambert) and Southern Idaho Ghost Towns (Wayne Sparling) appear to be the sole sources of Henry's entries on ghost towns in these areas to the point that some of his writing is near plagerism of these books.

    The problem is that these books were both written over thirty years ago. I would guess that 80% of what is described and illustrated in them has deteriorated to the point of being a small fraction of what was documented, if not having dissapeared entirely. For example, Annie Creek in the Black Hills has been buried under the spoils of a current open pit operation for at least 15 years. Yet Henry still describes it as containing many buildings worth seeing. There are numerous examples like this. My question is whether I should be taking all of his descriptions for the many areas I have yet to visit with suspicion. I can't help but notice that none of his entries contain any photographs which doesn't add to my confidence in his documentation of current conditions.

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