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Thread: "Western Memrobilla Show"

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    Cool "Western Memrobilla Show"

    For you old west buffs, that live here in Southern California try to attend the memrobilla show in building # 4 at the L A County Fair Grounds in Pomona Caif, on the 15th of this month we will double check the exact date and post it. This is an event for all you collectors that want to sell, trade, or buy, collectables, This show has everthing you may not see any where else, but their will be no (firearms allowed) because of local laws here in California, but there is many other interesting old west items to see and buy. Try to make this very interesting show you won't be dissapointed. One year we attended we found a fellow that built minature Stage Coachs, and Buck Boards, and minature Old West Buildings, with such detail that you felt like you were looking down on a real "Ghost Town".

    Your Fellow Ghosttowners
    Johnnie & Sheila
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