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Thread: Cistern that was probably built by the CCC's

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    Default Cistern that was probably built by the CCC's

    I came across this cistern during a hike on Sunday in the Nipmuck State Forest. I believe it to have been built by the CCC's. It is alongside a gravel road that was constructed by the C's and there are other stone features all along the road -fireponds, drainage ditches, bridges that the C's built there.

    I've inventoried most of these and keep going back to find others, like this one that I had missed before.

    The hike on Sunday was mostly good, but I was quite annoyed by the sound of traffic coming from the nearby interstate highway.

    I figured that the gravel road would have been damaged from the recent storms, so good thing I decided to walk instead of drive. There was a least a mile of road partially washed out on the sides and two areas that went across the road.

    Where I started out walking was at one of the highest elevations in Eastern CT @2000' above sea. This is the first time I was able to capture a view from here however - there has been a major timber harvest and though a strain to see, it was still impressive.

    On my way back up - I decided to hike a little further up to the top and there's 3 signal towers there. Because of the high voltage, it's fenced off and barbed wired. Saw a possible spot to crawl under the fence which was quite tempting.

    In any case, I've hiked through here before many times and discovered the wonderful topgraphy that is obscured by the forest. It really is a shame that it was allowed to revert back to forest. But the trees really do serve as a buffer from the noise from the interstate.

    The harvest may have disrupted that and we'll have to see next spring if the bloom will be enough of a buffer.

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