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Thread: For sale: Community of Modena

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    Default For sale: Community of Modena

    For sale: Community of Modena

    32 city lots up for sale at price of $249,000

    MODENA - Modena once was a boomtown. For about 40 years, its hotel, 24-hour restaurant, saloon, general store and school kept its residents and visitors busy.

    Now most of the town is boarded up, giving it the air of a ghost town.

    But there is still life in the small community - and someone with time, ambition and money could bring the community back to life.

    Much of the town - with a population of about 10 full-time residents and a handful of part-time residents - is up for sale. The store and gas station, several homes, miscellaneous buildings, a three-bedroom pioneer house and 32 city lots are up for sale.

    The asking price? A mere $249,000.

    For the same amount of money, a person could be the proud owner of the former stone schoolhouse built in 1936, which has a twin structure in Rockville. A saloon, hotel and restaurant also are up for grabs.

    Steeped in history, the property is up for sale through a family trust.

    The owner, who does not want to be identified, bought the property about four years ago with the dream of restoring the town. Now, because of health problems, a large portion of the town is up for sale for those who want to dream big.

    The town, advertised as a ghost town, wasn't always a place where one drives through without stopping.

    When Edna Thorley moved into the town in 1942, all of the houses were occupied. Now she can count her neighbors on both hands.

    "My husband owned land and had grazing rights, so we moved here to be closer to the cattle," Thorley said. "This has been my home for 63 years."

    Thorley said life in the Iron County town was fun back in those days. It was like one big family.

    A sewing club met once a week. The town was filled with state and railroad workers, in addition to the other people who moved to the community.

    Now only a handful of residents roam the streets, venturing to nearby communities for trips to the grocery stores, doctors' offices and church.

    Then and now

    Modena was settled in 1895 when Lorenzo Snow got off the train in the area. Started as a railroad town, Modena once boasted a carbide plant and the weather bureau built in 1900 was the first one west of the Mississippi River.

    As an unincorporated area of Iron County, it's difficult to pin down the exact number of residents that once resided in the community located 36 miles from Enterprise, 63 miles from Cedar City and a mere nine miles from the Nevada border.

    Thorley isn't sure how many people lived in the town during its peak, but she said the two-room schoolhouse, with eight grades, had 29 students during the 1942-43 school year.

    But when the railroad allowed its workers to commute to the small community from Enterprise and the state roads department moved out its sheds, residents began moving out and the population dropped considerably.

    "Way back when, there was about 900 people here in town," Thorley said. "But the reason the town is dying like it is is because people own properties and won't sell them and won't clean up the place."

    While the town doesn't have much to offer in the way of entertainment, there certainly is peace and quiet in the community located off state Route 56.

    Besides the lack of a nightlife, which may throw off some, the town's water system leaves much to be desired.

    "It's been so dry the last two years, and there is not much water pressure, so I didn't dare use the water," Thorley said.

    The majority property owner in town said the water system is one big investment that would have to be faced by anyone looking to buy the bulk of property.

    The water system has been in place since 1906 and has never been upgraded. The town well sits near the railroad tracks and has experienced problems because of the vibrations of the trains that still rumble through the town several times a day.

    A dream

    "I bought the property because I could," said the owner. "I wasn't really looking to make money. It's just a nostalgic town."

    So with a little energy, a willingness to upgrade the water system and, depending on a person's means, either a little or a lot of money, Modena could be restored to its heyday. And depending on what features are brought to town, the new owner could draw a fair amount of tourist traffic to the little town that is in the middle of nowhere but not really far from anywhere.

    Much of the undeveloped property has already been platted and approved by the county.

    "This is a great place for anyone with a dream, or the romantic vision of owning a ghost town," the owner said.

    Up for sale off and on for more than a year, the town has had many potential buyers stop in for a visit. It's only a matter of time before someone comes up with some money to turn the dream of owning his or her own town into a reality.

    Originally published May 17, 2005

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    I am interested in this stuff so just let me know more and add some pictures of this property so that i can decide more on this. My aim is of investing in properties as its rates are going up day by day.

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