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Thread: Helpful advice for Montana?

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    Default Helpful advice for Montana?

    Hi, there

    I've been searching for Montana ghost towns every year for about 10 years.

    So far I've visited Phillipsburg, Bannack, Virginia and Nevada City, Marysville, Garnet, Elkhorn, Deer Lodge, Granite, Richmond Flats, Red Bluff, Sterling, Pony, Southern Cross and Cable.

    I've taken a large number of photographs at most of these sites. You'll find a few samples of my photographs if you check the Montana ghost towns link on my home page.

    My references are Delorme's Montana Atlas and Gazeteer, Paige's Ghost Town Trails, Wolle's Montana Pay Dirt, Weis' Ghost Towns of the Northwest, Miller's Ghost Towns of Montana, and Fifer's Montana Ghost Towns.

    I would be delighted to get email from Montanans or other interested people who would be willing to share information with me - books, maps, other town suggestions, written directions, whatever.

    I am passionate about Montana and its ghost towns. I hope you are, too!

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    Look like we took a shot of the same piece of machinery.

    I've got the Fifer book. Are the others any good?
    I may head back to Montana this year.

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    Default Same piece of machinery!

    We sure did! And it looks quite different from your angle, too.

    The best book by far is the Paige book. It includes very detailed instructions about how to get to the towns. But it covers only Granite County.

    The Delorme Atlas is often helpful. The maps are detailed. The scale is 1 to 250,000. Most of the ghost towns are indicated by small symbols. However, there's no information about the ghost towns. Some of them are interesting and some are not at all visually appealing. So you need to use the Atlas in conjunction with some other source of information.

    The Wolle book is quite helpful. There's lots of history there. But most of the maps and verbal directions are so vague as to be amost useless.

    Thanks for your Reply to my posting. Happy hunting to you!

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