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    Default New Ghost Town

    There is a very strange ghost town about 4 miles from where I live in North Carolina. I can't seem to find any information on it online and there are of course several rumors. It is a small 10-15 home town with a mill and a dam by the river. None lives there or works the mill. Wondering how I can research the history of this. Thanks

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    What are the rumors? Does it have a name?
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    Default Serious research

    Find the name of the mill, search old area papers for references to the mill. Check Postal records, find how mail was sent (Postal name may not be the same as the area name). Determne what era the town was occupied (Search area papers). Search old Maps. Did it have railroad access. Any good University Library would have old maps, newspapers on Micorfilm, tariff and railroad information, etc... census records, if it was around before the 1930s (there is a 75 year hold before specific things like names are released) might review area residents whose late Uncle lived or worked there, The first thing is determine a name, second thing is to establish a time frame, additional advice would be available here with those kernals of information.
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    As asks the Ghostdancer.....Want some help??? Where is it?? Where are you??? Does it have a name.... Somewhere in North Carolina doesn't give much to go on...Mike

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