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    OK, so me and a couple of other guys were looking into buying a ghost town or someother settlement. We are looking for something in the Nevada, Arizona, or California area, but any other tips on property would be good. If you know someone that is willing to sell a ghost town or other settlement please reply. Water and Electric are nice, but not needed.
    Thanks so much


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    Hi, I saw your post and as it happens my family has a saloon for sale in Belmont, Nevada. Belmont is an inhabitted ghost town in Central Nevada and the saloon is Dirty ****'s Belmont Saloon. The saloon was built from two structures originally built in 1900 and were put together in the 60's to house the saloon. Most of the property in town is privately owned and several of the original structures still stand. It is one of the most popular Nevada ghost towns to go visit and attracts people from all over the world. If this interests you and you would like more information check out our website at or email me or Thanks

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    Hey Belmont!

    Have you sold that Saloon yet? That's a lovely one!

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    Default Check out my Hornitos post

    I just placed a post under the For Sale Category. I own a good sized portion of Hornitos. Do a search on Hornitos and you should be able to find more information on the towns history. Reply to my post if you think it might interest you.


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