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Thread: Need lots of advice about ghost towns. Please help!

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    Question Need lots of advice about ghost towns. Please help!


    I'm new to ghost towning. I live in Georgia and plan on taking a month long trip with my family out west this summer. I am an amateur photographer who loves to photograph old buildings and such. I am also a history buff who loves the old west. I want to visit some of these places before they completely vanish or people haul off everything. I think we should leave everything as is in these places for others to enjoy!!!!!! I would like to visit some ghost towns while out west. I plan on visiting Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana.

    I don't know about out west but here in the south, you just don't go poking around in abandond buildings or you may end up being run off. Therefore, I'm a little leary of going to these ghost towns. I would like to know of ghost towns that are truely deserted. I also would like to visit ghost towns that aren't tourist attractions. I would like to see the real thing.

    So, as you can see, I need lots of advice. I have read several books on this subject but I think personal experience would be much more valuable. So please advise me on where to go to see some great ghost towns. I would appreciate it greatly!
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