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    I visited Aurora Nevada in 1992. It was a bit of a slow drive (5-10 mph) up a dirt road, but well worth the trouble. The town itself is gone, most of the brick buildings were disasembled & moved to southern California back in the 1940`s. The cemetery is still there & in very good condition. I saw many graves of babies that died at birth buried next to their mothers that I assume died while giving birth. Many people seem to have died at a young age, by either disease, of from the extremely harsh winters. The altitude there is around 8000 feet or so & in those days if you didnt spend the summer chopping firewood, you froze to death in the winter! The cemetery educated me & my friends of just how primitive life was back in those days, not to mention how medical science has greatly improved in the last 150 years. There are so many new treatments & cures now that did`nt exist back then. We spent the night & camped about 75 yards from the cemetery (very cold at night BRING WARM CLOTHES!!) & I must say it was very fun & educational. I highly recommend visiting Aurora if you ever get the opportunity. I only ask one thing of you though, REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE WHAT YOU FIND IN A GHOST TOWN STAYS IN THE GHOST TOWN! ALWAYS PACK OUT WHAT YOU PACK IN! I even did one better, before leaving my friends & I picked up all the garbage that had been left behind by others.
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    THANKS for packing out the trash. I always take a couple extra trash bags with me. Nice to hear I am not the only one.
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    Blair Jett............I too thank you for hauling out the trash left behind by the disrespectful pigs of the world. We ususally end up with at least one bag of beer cans/bottles and fast food bags? on our trips. We will be in Aurora next Sunday, as well as Montgomery Mine and whatever other places we have time to visit. Yee Haw!.........

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